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I started Kangoo Jumps in August 2016 and i really enjoy it. I have been noticing the benefits of doing this exercise for the last 5 months. It has been helping me me to sleep better; i wake up in the morning feeling energised and have had a more positive attitude toward life. The pain in my joints and knees have disappeared. I am very happy that i found this workout. I highly recommend it. 
Carolina Coco
My first Kangoo Jumps class was back in April, 2016. I was a little wobbly on the Kangoo boots at first but was used to wearing them by the end of the class.
I started going to Kangoo Jumps class every week over the summer and some amazing things happened. I lost weight, lowered my resting heart rate by nearly 20 beats per minute and my blood pressure went down too.
Kangoo Jumps has helped make me a healthier person. The music is great and our instructor, Wendel, is always encouraging us to try new and more challenging moves It is easy to learn, fun to do and very rewarding. One thing I notice a the end of each class is that everyone leaves smiling! 
 Kathy Lindenberg
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