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Did you know that the Kangoo Jump® consists of a plyometric workout?

The Plyometrics Trainning, also known as jumping is a form of exercise that uses explosive movements such as jumping and skipping, and is the ability of the muscles to exert MAXIMUM POWER PRODUCTION in a minimal amount of time, in a synchronized muscle shortening!

Its main objective is the improvement of the strength of muscle power, stimulating several muscle groups at the same time! Plyometric exercises are used for fat loss, strength gain, strength and muscle hypertrophy, improving strength, muscle tone, and the aesthetics of the legs.

As plyometrics is a jump training, can impact on joints such as the knees, ankles and feet. However, the use of Kangoo Jump boots High Tech absorb up to 80% (EIGHTY PERCENT) of this impact, providing security to training and avoiding any injuries.

Fantastic, is not it ?!

What are you waiting for? Start now and feel better than ever!!! 

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